1.     Post:                                  Vienna


2.     Agency:                              United States Information Agency


3.     Position No:                        PA-1320 (PSC) - C60040


4.    Post Title of position:             Buildings Maintenance Manager


5.    Name of employee:                Johann Janka


6.    Mission or office:                           RPO Vienna


7.    Subdivision:                        Administrative Management Section




Basic Function of Position:  This position is the supervisor of the Buildings Maintenance Unit and is responsible for the maintenance/day-to-day operations for the Schmidgasse building. The unit is comprised of ten positions. The building maintenance staff is responsible for all maintenance and repair services required for the building which houses the RPO and USIS operations, located at 14 Schmidgasse, Vienna. This building is a five-story structure, built in middle nineteenth century and considered an historic building by the Austrian city government. The age of the building and its historic nature together with the program and operational requirements of RPO and USIS, means that members of the maintenance staff must have the ability to apply technical expertise to resolving problems using much more creativity, initiative and flexibility than would normally be expected of maintenance technicians in more modern facilities, or for technicians who maintain physical facilities which house operations far more compatible with the building in which they are located. A high degree of creative initiative, flexibility and sound judgment is particularly important for the incumbent of this operations an ensuring that RPO and USIS needs are met while also keeping all buildings operations within required safety codes and adhering to limitations imposed by the age/condition of the building.


In addition to responsibility for handling all aspects of the buildings maintenance and operations,. The incumbent also assists RPO and USIS management in discussing restructuring and/or relocation/renovation projects, using her/his technical expertise to recommend possible solutions which suffice internal requirements and are in accordance with Austrian codes and regulations. The incumbent is the main working level contact to the owner of the Schmidgasse building (the Austrian Government, represented by the BBD - Bundesbaudirektion Vienna) and responsible for the maintenance of a good working relationship with the owner. S/he stays in contact with the BBD to keep them informed about problems, request repair and/or maintenance from the owner, and keeps them informed about projects within the building, informing RPO and USIS management if and when an official request in writing for a specific project needs to be sent to the BBD for their approval. Because of the technical expertise in the area of buildings maintenance the incumbent is actively involved - assisting the contracting officer - to solicit bids from painting, construction, plumbing, and other similar companies. S/he works closely together with the RPO Contracting Officer to prepare requests for bids for any maintenance, repair, and/or relocation/renovation projects, screens the received bids and assists selecting companies based on either past experience in working with companies and/or technical expertise.

        While USIS operations an approximately 50% of RPO’s operations are similar to those found in most normal office buildings, half of the RPO-occupied space is devoted to a fully professional printing and binding plant, to professional photographic developing and graphic art operations and related enterprises necessary to producing a wide range of visual and textual material equal to professional commercial standards. The printing/binding plant equipment, photographic developing and printing equipment, etc. represent a capital investment of almost $2,,000,000. Maintenance and repair operations on this equipment must be handled by a fully qualified and highly skilled technician. Inadequate maintenance, wrong decisions made during the repair process, and/or failure to relate equipment operations and maintenance properly to building limitations and anomalies can result in serious damage costing many thousands of dollars and (more seriously) can endanger the well being of building occupants (over 60 people), most in particularly the staff assigned to RPO production work.

Given the nature of the building to be maintained, the kind of operations it supports, and the number of people occupying its space, the incumbent of this position must be at the level of a fully qualified buildings engineer, must have professional level technical skills which allow her/him to supervise the buildings maintenance staff including one expert electrician, one general maintenance worker and the entire char force comprised of 7 persons. Must be able to work as a productive leader of a team by sharing responsibility for all general (and less technical) building maintenance requirements. While such a mix of skills is not normally required of a single maintenance staff member for most building operations. Combining these skills in one position is the only cost effective way RPO and USIS can meet building maintenance requirements.


Major duties and responsibilities: Duties are to be performed at the Schmidgasse building and the Amerika Haus.




Organizes and co-ordinates general maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of all building operations, including, but not limited to:

¨     contact with the buildings owner;

¨     preparation of preventive maintenance and repair schedules for the entire building:

¨     screening and checking of all building related invoices, such as rental costs, annual operating costs, utility costs, etc.

¨     the entire electrical wiring system of the Schmidgasse building;

¨     assisting RPO and USIS management in coordination of special renovation/relocation projects;

¨     soliciting bids from local companies.

The Buildings Maintenance Manager serves as an expert adviser to senior RPO/USIS management on the entire range of buildings operations, problems, and potential problems, as well as on related Austrian legal codes and regulations, including co-ordination with the BBD. Advice includes, but is not limited to, material requirements for various installations and renovation projects, (e.g., computer wiring, LAN wiring, new telephone system installation, electrical system rewiring, plumbing and heating systems, general preventive maintenance, etc.).


Buildings maintenance and repair services of this historic building will frequently require the incumbent to formulate and recommend creative solutions to problems which will arise due to the age of the building and the need to adapt building facilities to meet RPO and USIS operational needs. Technical expertise should be of a highly professional level in order for the incumbent to provide fully professional advice taking into account Austrian safety codes, USG fire and safety codes, organizational needs, costs limitations, etc.

While final decisions will be made by RPO?USIS management officials as appropriate, the incumbent’s advice is heavily  relied upon and serves as one of the most important factors guiding major, and often costly, decisions. Serves as project supervisor for general maintenance projects, such as painting, maintenance and repair of electrical installations, floors, etc. working with outside companies and reporting progress to RPO/USIS management.


Routinely surveys the RPO/USIS building, checking the proper functioning of windows, doors, lights, etc., noting problems and taking necessary corrective actions. Coordinates buildings maintenance staff in assisting as needed with moving furniture and heavy equipment, loading and unloading trucks, handling deliveries to and from the Austrian postal system and distributing received mail.


Supervises the Char force activities (total of seven employees) to ensure proper tasks are met to the satisfaction of RPO/USIS management. Coordinates and implements changes as required.


Is responsible to order and maintain a proper stock of building maintenance supplies and materials, including cleaning material, tools, etc. Responsible for expendable supplies inventory of the building maintenance unit, including but not limited to establishing minimum order quantities and inventory control, to assure a proper supply of all materials at any given time.


The incumbent handles the entire T&A responsibilities for the buildings maintenance unit.

Performs other related duties as required.




Using her/his technical building expertise serves as the expert advisor to RPO/USIS management on special renovation, relocation, and/or office move issues. In coordination with RPO/USIS management plans, coordinates and supervises special projects including, but not limited to:

¨     Adaptation of office space for new programs (training, printing, graphic arts, etc);

¨     RPO/USIS office moves;

¨     laying of computer cabling, telephone system cables, etc.; and

¨     coordination and implementation of recommendations of fire and/or security inspection reports.

Given her/his technical knowledge and experience in building maintenance, assists RPO/USIS management in the planning of special projects. The incumbent’s expert advise is heavily relied on by RPO/USIS management in the decision making process. After final decisions are made by RPO/USIS management, the incumbent assists the Procurement Officer in obtaining bids, screens the bids with the Procurement Officer and suggests companies to be used based on her/his technical expertise and former experiences with companies. After companies have been selected and purchase orders or contracts are written, the incumbent serves as the coordinator and supervisor of buildings maintenance staff and/or outside companies to ensure completion of a given project in accordance with the time limits and USG regulations, keeping RPO/USIS management informed about progress and/or problems. This task includes making possible recommendations for scheduling and/or solving of problems which may occur. Handles relocation projects, restoring such space to a fully useful and pleasantly functioning condition after completion of renovation work.


High level technical skills are required both to find creative solutions and to make those solutions operational within Austrian and USG electrical codes and regulations.



a.    Education: Incumbent is required to have a general education at least to the equivalent of an American high school diploma and relevant work experience at the level of a buildings engineer. Professional skills in buildings maintenance and/or mechanics are desirable.

b.    Prior work experience: Three to five years of professional/technical experience in progressively responsible work as a buildings manager, preferably within the American Embassy or in an American business firm.

c. Post entry training: No further training in buildings maintenance, since the incumbent is required to act as expert advisor of senior RPO/USIS management on all building operations. General guidance on organizational an operational requirement will be provided by senior RPO/USIS management. While the incumbent is expected to be fully conversant with Austrian building codes, requirements and regulations, instruction/information/guidance will be provided concerning USG building requirements, including electrical, fire and other safety codes and regulations.

d. Language Proficiency: Level III is required, level IV is preferable.
e. Knowledge:
--- Must possess all knowledge required for successfully supervising a buildings maintenance unit, with the technical ability to apply such knowledge to a wide range of problems and operational requirements in an environment which regularly requires creative, but professionally sound, solutions to problems not faced in more modern building operations.

—A sound understanding of Austrian building codes, rules, and laws is required, and some experience with or knowledge of USG codes and regulations of building maintenance, fire and safety regulations is preferred.

—An appreciation for and knowledge of the anomalies usually found in old, historic buildings, particularly as they concern electrical systems and their capacities and operations is required, and extensive familiarity with building operations for old, historic buildings is preferred.

–- Expert level mechanical skill are required to enable incumbent to successfully supervise inside building staff as well as outside companies in respect to quality of work in various fields, such as electricians, plumbers, floor layers, painters, carpenters, etc.

f. Skills and Abilities:
---The incumbent must have the ability to apply technical expertise on standards to solve building maintenance problems using creativity, initiative, flexibility and sound judgment. Technical expertise should be of a sufficiently high level as to allow the incumbent o provide fully professional advice on a wide rang of building maintenance and repair operations and problems while taking into account Austrian building codes, USG fire and safety codes, organizational needs, an cost limitations.

—Must have a high degree of analytical ability in order to recommend the most cost efficient solutions to problems and/or needs to the RPO/USIS senior management when faced with a range of possibilities. Recommendations must match code requirements with critical operational needs and with available funding.


a. Supervision Received:
While the incumbent works under the general supervision of the RPO Executive Officer, he words entirely independently in the field of project supervision. S/he is regarded as the expert advisor in this area by senior RPO/USIS management officials. Supervision will normally be given in areas where maintenance, repair work and/or special projects interfaces with other assignments and/or collide with operational requirements/needs of the respective RPO/USIS management, in terms of setting work schedules and priorities. Once o project has been assigned and parameters of operations have been established, it is expected that the incumbent will carry out assignments with minimum or no supervision, only reporting problems when and if they arise. In handling building operations and requirements, the incumbent establishes his own guidelines and performance standards based on only general instructions as to what is required.

b. Available Guidelines: Austrian Government codes, rules and regulations; various instruction manuals for elevators, heating plant, electric machinery, etc; USG fire and safety codes, as well as building maintenance regulations; RPO/USIS policies and guidelines as the may affect building operations or use of space within the building.

c. Exercise of Judgment: The incumbent must regularly exercise independent, sound, and highly professional judgment based on a broad knowledge and understanding of the Austrian and USG electrical, fire and safety codes as they relate to realities of an historic building, to safety of persons and property, to strengths of staffs, to local country working conditions, and to availability of services and supplies, in order to:

¨     advise senior RPO/USIS management on the whole range of building maintenance operations, related Austrian legal codes and regulations;

¨     advise senior RPO/USIS management on required equipment repairs, including recommendations for M&R schedules and necessary equipment replacements;

¨     evaluate a variety of possible maintenance and repair solutions with a view to recommending the best and/or most technically feasible solution, giving careful considerations to operational efficiency and funding limitations;

¨     formulate creative solutions to problems which will arise due to the age of the building and/or equipment, and the need to adapt building facilities to meet RPO and USIS operational needs, but always staying within Austrian and USG electrical regulatory requirements;

¨     advise senior RPO/USIS management if a technical problem is beyond her/his personal skills and/or expertise to resolve, recommending solutions and/or possible contractors capable of handling the problem effectively.
While final decisions will be made by senior RPO/USIS management officials as appropriate, the incumbent’s advice is heavily relied upon and serves as one of the most important factors guiding major, and often costly, decisions by responsible management officials.

d. Authority to make Commitments: Giver her/his technical expertise, the incumbent works together with the RPO Procurement Unit, assists in requesting bids from companies, providing technical details for purchase orders and/or contracts, and assures receipt of proper materials. Is authorized to conduct and/or join discussions on building maintenance and supply purchases, electrical and other maintenance, and to assist with his technical expertise in assuring the technical abilities of contractors/vendors meet required standards before RPO Contracting Officer awards a contract and/or puchase order involving building maintenance and repair services and/or supplies. Is authorized to commit petty cash funds for minor supply and/or spare parts purchases as required to support RPO/USIS maintenance and repair requirements within spending guidelines established by authorized RPO/USIS management officials.

e. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts: Establishes and maintains contact with the buildings owner (BBD) and Austrian officials and organizations supplying or controlling the supply of major utility functions, such as electrical power, water, heating, etc., as well as with local companies and private supply vendors/contractors for all required building maintenance functions (painters, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, construction and supply companies). Contacts are for the purpose of resolving problems which may occur in the day-to-day operation of the Schmidgasse building and/or problems with the RPO|/USIS building operations which require the assistance of official sources in order to effect repairs. Contacts with commercial suppliers are for the purpose of acquiring and maintaining a current knowledge of prices, expertise and other factors important to RPO/USIS purchases of goods and services for the full scope of building maintenance operations.

f. Supervision Exercised: The incumbent directly supervises two building maintenance workers (Electrician/Maintenance man PA-1328 - C0051, and Trades helper PA-1327 - C60041) and the char force supervisor (PA-1330 - C60049). The char force is comprised of a total staff of seven employees. The incumbent handles all required supervision of any contractors employed by RPO/USIS to carry out building maintenance, repair, or renovation/relocation work in connection with renovation projects and/or other purposes requiring contract assistance.


g. Time Required to Perform Full Range of Duties after entry into Position: One to two years.